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Find an interim manager in Montpellier

At the gateway to southern Europe between Italy and Spain, Montpellier is a young, modern city open to the world. In addition to its strategic geographical location and exceptional natural setting, this Hérault city offers a highly diversified economic landscape. The city’s 26,000 companies are grouped around major economic sectors such as agriculture, winegrowing, the tertiary sector and areas of excellence in research and innovation.

Drawing on its network of almost 8,000 highly qualified interim managers, WAYDEN can identify a seasoned manager to work in your company, subsidiary or industrial site in Montpellier, or in any other city in Occitania.

With 15 to 25 years’ experience in high-level positions, these natural leaders are practiced in managing large-scale projects. Bringing an outsider’s perspective, an informed view, human and managerial qualities, as well as many years of experience, they constitute an ideal lever for decisive change management.

Using an interim manager in Montpellier: what is involved?

The interim manager will assist at a crucial moment in your business’ life, whether in a defensive context (crisis management, restructuring, a merger and acquisition, declining growth, an unexpected peak in activity, etc.) or an offensive context (improving performance and productivity, digital transformation, internationalisation, relocation to Occitania, a change in business strategy, strengthening competitive advantage or repositioning a business in the Montpellier market, etc.).

The interim manager will join your company in Montpellier for the duration of the assignment, which is agreed beforehand. Immediately operational, they will set up an action plan, mobilising your staff around it. Drawing on a rigorous, results-oriented approach, they will create a wave of beneficial and lasting change to bring about the profound transformation you are seeking, or to deal with an unfamiliar situation that threatens the long-term future of your organisation.

Our areas of intervention and expertise in Montpellier

At WAYDEN, we offer multi-sectoral expertise. Thanks to our rigorous selection process and the quality and diversity of the profiles with whom we work, we can find an interim manager specialised in your field, whether it be industry, retail, banking and insurance or construction and public works, etc.

We also ensure that we identify an expert specialised in the function targeted by the assignment (managing director, CFO, HR director, IT director, supply chain and logistics director, purchasing manager, etc.).

This profile identification phase enables us to appoint the interim manager best suited to your needs: he or she has a spot-on understanding of the issues in your field, and offers solid sectoral expertise and in-depth knowledge of the business.

The Montpellier economy

Montpellier has a highly contrasting economic landscape, divided between agricultural areas dedicated to cereal growing and wine production, industry specialising in the tertiary sector (ICT, multimedia, biotechnology, etc.), and one of France’s largest research and innovation centres.

Montpellier, a student city, also offers a wide range of high-quality academic facilities, as well as numerous research centres and laboratories. These enable the city to stand out through future-oriented sectors such as digital development, agri-food, biotechnology, renewable energy, health, etc.


Is your company based in Montpellier or Occitania and currently facing a major challenge? Contact us now and benefit from the sectoral expertise of a highly qualified interim manager, experienced in large-scale project management.

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