Interim Management Nantes and the Pays de Loire region

Interim management assignment in Nantes and the Pays de Loire region

Nantes and the Loire Atlantique department are located two hours from Paris and home to the headquarters of several major organisations. The area is also the fourth most popular destination in France for families to live and work.

A significant proportion of our mobile and motivated WAYDEN Selection managers are available to work in this region.

WAYDEN headed up, for example, a 12-month supply chain transformation assignment for an agricultural cooperative group. WAYDEN also advised a major player in the food industry in the Vendee region of France on structuring its finance function.

Are you looking for an interim manager in Nantes and the Pays de Loire region? Then contact us!


Find an interim manager in Nantes

Located two hours from Paris, Nantes is the historic capital of Brittany and the sixth largest city in France. It has experienced strong economic growth since the 1990s, making it a very favourable location for new businesses.

At WAYDEN, we have a significant number of experienced and mobile managers in our WAYDEN Selection database, who are available to work in and around Nantes.

WAYDEN headed up, for example, a 12-month supply chain transformation assignment for an agricultural cooperative group. Our company also assisted a major player in the agri-food sector in the Vendee region with structuring its finance function.


Using an interim manager in Nantes: what is involved?

Is your company or one of your sites in Nantes currently going through a difficult period? Whether it is to urgently turn your business around, boost performance or prepare for a future challenge, calling on an interim manager will be beneficial in many ways.

With solid expertise built up over more than 15 years in top positions, our interim managers stand out through their interpersonal skills, leadership, adaptability and ability to meet challenges with great operational efficiency. Given this, they can intervene in your Nantes-based company to steer a large-scale project (digital transformation, organisational restructuring, merger and acquisition, internationalisation, performance improvement, etc.), help you overcome a period of crisis, or even replace an executive or manager who has left their position.

Adopting an approach that is calibrated to the millimetre, our experts implement actions aimed at achieving concrete, measurable and sustainable results.


Our areas of intervention and expertise in Nantes

At WAYDEN, we can intervene in a wide range of fields of activity. Indeed, our pool of almost 2,000 experienced interim managers brings together exceptional profiles from a variety of backgrounds.

Industry, retail, banking and insurance, construction and public works… whatever your field of activity, we can identify the manager specialised in your sector and the function targeted by the interim assignment (CFO, HR director, IT director, supply chain and logistics director, purchasing manager, legal expert, quality expert, maintenance expert, etc.). You thus get expert help by a manager who can rapidly identify your challenges and who has extensive experience specific to your market, for a perfect understanding of your needs.


The Nantes economy

The Nantes metropolitan area and the Loire-Atlantique department stand out in the field of new technologies, aeronautics and agri-food, as well as in cutting-edge sectors such as biotechnologies. However, most jobs are still generated by the service sector. Indeed, Nantes’ economy has been reoriented towards this sector, with the establishment of the Euro Nantes business centre, in particular, and numerous banking and insurance company headquarters. The city also offers a multitude of research, IT services and industrial activities.

Is one of your subsidiaries or company headquarters based in Nantes or another city in the Pays de la Loire region? If your business is currently facing a major challenge that is complex to handle internally, then it can be strategic to call on an interim manager. Contact us now and benefit from the know-how, long-standing experience and sectoral expertise of a seasoned expert, practiced in managing large-scale projects in a variety of environments.

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