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Toulouse is the capital of Occitania and the European leader in the aeronautics and space sectors. Attractive from an entrepreneurial, tourist and economic standpoint, the city also offers a very favourable quality of life, an ideal geographical location and a wealth of professional and academic opportunities that are attracting more and more newcomers. The Pink City is the fourth largest city in France in terms of population, with over 746,000 inhabitants.

At WAYDEN, we can assign a highly qualified interim manager to your company in Toulouse, Haute-Garonne or any other city in Occitania.

Thanks to their solid expertise, the result of over 15 years’ experience in high-ranking positions, their know-how and their unparalleled managerial skills, our interim managers can respond effectively, whatever your challenge.


Using an interim manager in Toulouse: what is involved?

Grouping almost 37,000 companies in 2017 in a wide range of sectors, Toulouse boasts a particularly competitive commercial offer. To stand out in the Toulouse market, or to face a complex challenge that cannot be dealt with internally, calling on the services of an interim manager can be a strategic move.

Our experts have piloted numerous large-scale projects over the course of their long careers. Drawing on their knowledge, leadership and great adaptability, they are able to manage all types of projects, whatever the stakes: crisis management, organisational restructuring, in-depth transformation, change management, replacement of an absent employee, mergers and acquisitions, performance improvement, international development, relocation, digital transformation, etc.

We will precisely determine with you the challenges you are facing, and identify an interim manager that can best respond to them. This individual will join your company in Toulouse for the duration of the assignment, that – along with the objectives – has been determined beforehand. The interim manager will rapidly hone in on the issues at stake and put in place a calibrated action plan, the aim of which is to achieve rapid, concrete results.

At the end of the assignment, and to provide continuity to the work carried out by the interim manager, you will be given a detailed roadmap outlining the actions to be taken to ensure the sustainability of the results obtained.


Our areas of intervention and expertise in Toulouse

As a multi-sector interim management firm, we are able to identify an interim manager specialising in your sector of activity, whatever it may be: space and aeronautics, digital, retail, banking and insurance, etc.

From our pool of 8,000 seasoned professionals, we select the interim manager whose profile perfectly matches your requirements. You will benefit from the support of an expert in your field, specialised in the function targeted by the future assignment (CFO, CIO, sales director, managing director, HR director, digital manager, legal expert, purchasing director, supply chain director, etc.).


The Toulouse economy

Toulouse’s economy has grown very strongly over the last ten years and is mainly driven by the aeronautics and space industries. This southwestern city is the leading European centre in these high-tech sectors, and is home to the headquarters of Airbus Industries. Toulouse is also characterised by a strong service sector (primarily banking, insurance, real estate and retail), but also stands out with regard to the digital and scientific sectors.

This modern, entrepreneurial Midi city is also a popular student city and tourist hub. It offers a wealth of opportunities and an ideal ecosystem for business start-ups.


Is your company or one of your subsidiaries based in Toulouse or in Occitania? Is it going through a decisive turning point? Contact us now to seek the help of an expert whose know-how, expertise and years of experience ensure you successfully come through this critical phase.

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