Anne Sophie BARRAUX

International Manager at Wayden

A jurist by training, I’ve been an HR director for 20 years, and an interim manager for over 15 of these. I work in various environments, mainly multi-site and international contexts. When I’m working on a project, I have to constantly take on new challenges. Complex situations (mergers, site closures, etc.) require implementing strong change management and combining strategic and operational issues.
Whether it’s in the industrial sector (food processing, metallurgy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals) or the service sector (catering, banking, the media), it’s the results-oriented culture that dominates. This is why it’s essential to implement fast and effective action plans.
As a profit centre HR director interfacing with operational decision-makers, I position myself as a business partner, and propose strategies that are aligned with my clients’ performance objectives. People are at the heart of my profession, so I look to re-establish constructive dialogue with all stakeholders and build solid action plans to bring these transformations to fruition.

My character

Hands-on, operational, skilful.