Associate Director - Services


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« Connecting people, striving for excellence in customer relations. »

My challenge

To face the challenges of tomorrow, companies, whatever their size, will have to transform themselves rapidly and sustainably. I am convinced that the key to these transformations lies in people.

Coming from the business world, I have held operational, commercial and managerial positions within large groups and ETIs, first in Asia for 12 years, then in France.

These successive experiences, particularly in Japan, taught me a sense of teamwork, customer focus and the quest for excellence.

These multicultural environments have enabled me to acquire agility, rigour and adaptability – essential qualities that I will put at your service to meet the demands of an increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex environment.

Because I have also had to deal with business transformation issues, whether it be digitalisation, cross-functional project management or ERP deployment, I will be able to understand your issues and challenges in order to calibrate the mission and provide you with a solution with the best interim manager, the one who will be able to take you through a decisive and strategic phase.

My character

Dynamic, curious, positive, multicultural, empathetic, demanding, sociable.

My passions

Asia in general, Japan in particular: aestheticism, search for perfection, precision, rigour, spirituality.

Travelling: discovery, exchanges, the unexpected, encounters.

My children: joy, astonishment, energy.