International Manager at Wayden

As a UTC engineer with a degree from MIT Sloan Boston, I began my career in operational management by holding various positions in the automobile sector for 14 years. Armed with this expertise, I then became a consultant specialised in performance improvement and lean manufacturing for the fast and cost-effective optimisation of production. Since 2006, I’ve been working on interim general management projects on various industrial sites.
I currently work with SMEs/ mid-cap companies and subsidiaries of industrial groups facing operational performance and organisational difficulties during times of change (restructuring, recovery, transformation). The sectors in which I work are especially varied, and include electronics (Philips), mechanics (Morgan AM&T), chemistry and plastics (Proven), healthcare (Gambro/ Baxter) and defence (Nexter).
My challenge is to solve an operational issue in a short space of time while at the same time improving company performance. For me, it’s essential to define from the off the exact objectives to be achieved, by identifying the means necessary for their implementation.

My character

Tenacious, reliable, pragmatic.