International Manager at Wayden

After having worked for ten years as a design and construction engineer, then in manufacturing in the sugar industry, I became an administrator and site manager in the plastics industry (ten years). For the past 14 years, I’ve been working in the chemical sector (SEVESO Site Director, General Delegate of a professional chemical association). In conjunction with these experiences, I have a triple expertise in QEHS, labour law and business handovers. On this basis, I’ve been a worldwide EHS director, an employment tribunal judge for 21 years and dealt with business sales and acquisitions.
I’ve been working in interim management since 2012, driving restructuring and transformation projects and managing complex situations (industrial accidents, redundancy plans, site closures, recovery, business losses/ sales/ acquisitions, manager replacements). One of my strengths is having managed business handovers as a seller and a buyer, so I’m familiar with the challenges and risks on both sides. My goal is to minimise the impact of a crisis in order to ensure continuity and create the conditions to build the future.

I manage industrial sites and companies in very competitive environments (BtoB or BtoC), with a highly regulated global footprint – process industries, the chemical sector and SEVESO sites (fine chemistry, antioxidants, plant-derived chemical manufacturing), food processing (sugar, distilling, packaging) and plastics.
Interim management is at the same time a career and a lifestyle choice. Of course I didn’t happen upon it by chance, but chose it on the basis of my various experiences and expertise. For me, change is a way to progress and perform. Having to integrate quickly, commit, advise and act responsibly in the interest of a company is a real challenge that I whole-heartedly accept. It’s a creative and profoundly human profession. If I had to give the three key qualities of an interim manager? Convincing, a leader and a driving force.

My character

Leader, facilitator, organiser.