Corporate Social Responsibility

WAYDEN is committed

Designing and following a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is a sustainable process in itself. WAYDEN has embarked on this venture, although the end date has not yet been set.

WAYDEN obtained the Lucie 26000 CSR label in 2021.

In our CSR approach, we comply with seven themes divided into action principles. Under each of these, we make a commitment to improving our positioning and to having an increasingly favourable impact on the economy, the environment and people (a social and societal impact). These action principles are:

  1. Implementing responsible governance
  2. Respecting people’s rights
  3. Developing responsible working relationships and conditions
  4. Preserving the environment
  5. Developing ethical business relationships
  6. Respecting the interests of consumers
  7. Aiming for local development and general interest.

WAYDEN initiatives:

Carbon footprint

We measure our environmental impact, collaborating with the company, Sami. This assessment is the starting point for considering the concrete actions we need to take to reduce our carbon footprint.

Apply… and breathe

Forests constitute the lungs of the planet and are absolutely essential. Naturally, WAYDEN is committed to the preservation of French forests. For each job application we receive, we donate an equivalent sum to the "Plantons pour l'avenir" fund.

Carbon neutrality

Acting even further in favour of the environment and to reduce our carbon footprint, we are committed to helping forests through Reforest'Action.

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We work with Hope, co-founded by Annabel Brourhant, to help women suffering from cancer, through our active participation in the organisation’s first charity gala which will take place on the 11 October 2022.

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Force Femmes

Force Femmes supports women over 45 who are looking for work or who want to start their own business. It makes its network of specialist volunteers available to them to guide, advise and support them in their endeavours. We have set up a partnership with the association because we want to identify, support and train new women interim managers. WAYDEN is committed to this ambition with strength and conviction.

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