Industrial Site Management

A new adventure for Emmanuel Lottyl (*)

(*) The names of the interim manager and client have been changed for confidentiality


The story begins in France’s Oise region in 2015.
An American chemical company manufactures and sells a wide range of antioxidants, intermediates and inhibitors. With an annual turnover of $500 million, they employ more than 1,500 people across 11 industrial sites worldwide. The French subsidiary, located in the Oise region, had been experiencing major managerial difficulties: the site’s new director had trouble getting control of the workforce. And in this highly unionised environment, she ended up managing via email.

A massive strike had been going on for nine days. With only 15 days of stock left, the company agreed to a change in management in order to get production running again. However, without any authority for days, the plant was under threat of immediate administrative closure by the local prefect.

The European Director, a Scotsman who didn’t speak French, called on WAYDEN to immediately find an interim manager able to take control and stabilise the situation.


To solve this management emergency, Benoît Durand-Tisnes, Associate Director at WAYDEN, identified the most qualified candidates from the WAYDEN Selection network. And he chose Emmanuel Lottyl, a site director known for his solid experience in dangerous chemical production (Seveso-classified) and crisis management.

The interim manager’s background

Trained at the École des Mines, Emmanuel Lottyl began his career at ERIDANIA BEGHIN SAY in the 1980s. In the space of seven years, he was appointed Chief Operating Engineer at a site with 380 employees. Later, he became Site Director at ALPHACAN where he was tasked with finalising the acquisition of the economic interest group at two sites with 120 employees.

After a stint as Industrial Director at NOVOPLASTIC and ARKEMA as Director of Operational Safety, he took up the position of General Manager of the Union des Industries Chimiques in Rhône-Alpes to develop the reputation of the leading French chemical region. He was also a key player among the safety authority during the AZF tragedy in Toulouse. Emmanuel Lottyl is a seasoned operational leader in interim management, risk management, crisis management and QHSE.


Reporting directly to the European head in Basel, Switzerland during this 6-month project, Emmanuel Lottyl led multiple actions simultaneously and with unfailing commitment:

  • Re-establishing trust at the client’s French site in the Oise region
  • Negotiation with trade unions and the works council
  • Implementation of new management tools and a massive training plan
  • Establishment of a new site-management team
  • Participation in the recruitment of a new site director and transfer of authority

But the real success of this project was only made possible through the empathy and understanding that the manager showed the teams, which he himself described as ‘beat up’.

In addition to scheduling regular reports with a non-French-speaking client based in Switzerland, WAYDEN implemented project-racking tools to reassure the client of the interim manager’s daily progress.


This was a real managerial emergency, dictated by administrative security. Emmanuel Lottyl managed it calmly and successfully, patiently regaining the trust of the on-site teams and the external authorities.

At the end of this genuine rescue mission, the client chose to continue working with Emmanuel Lottyl, who joined the company on another project as Global Chief HSE Officer.