Associate Director - Industry, Construction


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« Leading success to its highest level »

My challenge

“When I was younger, I had two passions: cars and sport. I honoured the first by obtaining an engineering degree enabling me to work in the automobile industry, before realising that driving cars interested me more than building them! I honoured the second by devoting my time to tennis and football – without, however, becoming the great athlete I’d love to have been.

Today, I’m Associate Director at WAYDEN. A big difference? Not really. The state of mind is the same: to land the project, you have to assess, understand and anticipate the needs of the other party. And to truly succeed, you must be reactive and attentive. And above all, you must never give in.

My character

Creative, witty, persistent, committed, competitive

My passions

Collectible cars (mostly German): style, elegance, resistance
Sport: emulation, intensity, challenge, victory
My daughters: happiness, energy, optimism