Director of Organisation and Information Systems

When Michelle Duponti (*) goes on assignment

(*) For confidentiality reasons, the name of the interim manager has been changed and the identity of the client hidden.



The client is a family-owned business specialising in B2B press which has grown through successive acquisitions. The company is aiming for a global transformation with the objective of becoming an agile, digital B2B media group.

Within the framework of the group’s transformation project, IT plays an important and strategic role. To optimise the success of this cultural and technical change for the group, its management was looking to reinforce its teams by hiring an interim director of organisation and information systems.



Drawing on a solid network of managers from the WAYDEN pool, Alexandra Garnier, Associate Director, was able to organise a meeting with the client in less than 48 hours to introduce Michelle Duponti, recently available, whose background as a director of organisation and information systems was a good match with the technical and human skills required.



Reporting directly to the CEO and a member of the executive committee, in a CIO function, Michelle’s tasks were to:

  • Analyse the existing IT infrastructure to identify the steps to be taken with regard to the business strategy.
  • Build a transformation roadmap on different projects (IT, organisational, human, etc.) and prioritise them for executive committee members.
  • Reorganise the IT teams to provide an innovative and flexible service adapted to each of the client’s sites, meeting the client’s needs and capable of ensuring the roadmap’s success.
  • Manage the digital and organisational IT transformation project (method, tools, processes, etc.).



As part of the assignment, Alexandra agreed to a monthly follow-up with Michelle and the client – a way of working that allows for agile and efficient communication between all parties. The mission was a resounding success, as the objectives were met, largely thanks to the team’s commitment to the company’s organisation and digital transformation project.