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Transformation encompasses a multitude of major challenges for companies, such as replacing key employees, resolving operational problems, launching a new activity, optimising processes and striving for organic growth.

And there is one effective solution to overcome these challenges: interim management. As a partner of excellence in interim management, WAYDEN helps companies reach new heights at decisive moments – achieving fast, effective, quantifiable results.

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Why Wayden ?

At WAYDEN, our teams are committed to ensuring the success and quality of your transformations at every phase.

It’s no coincidence that we chose a bird to incarnate our brand. In addition to being a symbol of freedom, hope and elevation, this animal benefits form a rapid, detailed vision of the world.

Likewise, WAYDEN spreads its wings to help you cross strategic borders at decisive moments throughout the life of your company, alongside the best interim managers in the market.



Coming from the corporate world where they’ve all held positioned in operational management, WAYDEN partners are distinguished by their first-hand knowledge of company challenges.



In record time, WAYDEN provides you with an initial diagnosis, evaluates a quantifiable action plan, and identifies the interim manager best suited to your needs.



WAYDEN leverages high-performance methods to accelerate, energise and optimise your company’s lifecycles.



WAYDEN can team you up with ultra-specialised interim managers to guide you in your most profound and specific changes.



Managers are monitored throughout their interventions by one of our associate directors to ensure the operational success of the project.



Global business is often an essential dimension for active growth. As a result, 15% of our projects are conducted outside of France.



France Transition (previously : FNMT), brings together companies whose core activity is interim management and which adhere to the association’s Charter of Ethics and Professional Conduct. France Transition contributes to the structuring of the market and sets the standards of the profession.


IXPA Global executive solutions is a global network of interim management companies. The group has 19 offices serving 29 countries on 4 continents, worldwide and world class interim management solutions, with the added advantage of local expertise. Each partner knows their arena very well: the economic landscape as well as the regulatory requirements of their country in an international context. This enables them to provide a tailored and particularly effective executive interim management consulting service.


We’ve been certified by Bureau Veritas since 6 July, 2015, as a testimony to the transparency and structure we offer our clients and managers.

Labellisation LUCIE 26000

WAYDEN has engaged a CSR way of working and obtained in February 2021 the CSR 26000 label from the LUCIE reference system. We are one of the very first companies in this sector to fully commit to such an approach, confirming our dynamic and innovative corporate culture. This certification is in line with its ongoing operational excellence approach. The LUCIE 26000 standard is a practical and pragmatic version of the international ISO 26000 quality standard for organizations. It aims to help organizations, whatever their nature, to take ownership of the various themes of social and environmental responsibility.


WAYDEN is also an associate member of France Invest (formerly the AFIC, Association des Investisseurs pour la croissance), which brings together all the private equity players in France.


ETHIC is an independent employers’ organization representing the French entrepreneurial and management arena. ETHIC puts its freedom of speech and support at the service of the companies and managers it represents and reacts in real time to breaking news. On various matters, this group gathers the points of view and proposals of business leaders in order to submit them to the decision-makers. Lastly, the group acts upstream on the various bodies in the world of education and vocational training, to make the companies more attractive and bring them closer to the French people.

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