Purchasing Director

When Martin Michel (*) goes on assignment

(*) For confidentiality reasons, the name of the interim manager has been changed and the identity of the client hidden.



The client is specialised in waste collection, transformation and valorization (petfood, natural fertilisers, biodiesel, green energy: electricity, heat, water, raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry, etc.). The client has around 20 industrial sites and as many collection centres.

The interim management mission entailed replacing the director of purchasing on his departure, while a successor is recruited.



Drawing on a solid network of managers from the WAYDEN pool, Alexandra Garnier, Associate Director, was able to organise a videoconference with the client to introduce Martin Michel, recently available, whose background as a purchasing director was a good match with the technical and human skills required.

Martin has over 20 years’ experience in direct/indirect and responsible purchasing in the food, organic, catering, pharmaceutical and animal feed sectors. He has worked on projects to determine and roll out strategies for direct/indirect and responsible purchasing, and has also set up and organised a purchasing department in coordination with cross-functional departments, sourcing, negotiating and contracting strategic and complex dossiers.



Reporting to the administrative and financial director, Martin’s overall role was to manage the day-to-day operations of indirect purchasing in coordination with the industrial sites, with the support of a junior buyer under his supervision.

Indirect purchasing represents around €60 million, mainly comprising the procurement of energy (gas and electricity), as well as temporary work, clothing and general services.



As part of the assignment, Alexandra agreed to a monthly follow-up with Martin and the client – a way of working that allows for agile and efficient communication between all parties.

The mission was a resounding success, as the objectives were met, largely thanks to the purchase of energy in a complex external economic context.