Supply Chain Director

When Arthur Dessalle (*) goes on assignment

(*) For confidentiality reasons, the name of the interim manager has been changed and the identity of the client hidden.



The client is the logistics and transport subsidiary of a major player in the distribution of capital goods. The subsidiary is growing rapidly thanks to the acquisition of new customers from outside the group. Given this, the subsidiary’s managing director called on WAYDEN to take over the management of supply chain operations and to oversee the organisation of transport and logistics at three brand new sites in France.

The objective was twofold:

  • To take over the existing team of almost 100 people and build a new team of over 200 additional staff as the business grows.
  • To organise the flow management processes, transport and customs recommendations.



Drawing on a solid network of managers from the WAYDEN pool, Rémi Dessertine, Associate Director, was able to organise an emergency meeting with the client in WAYDEN’s Paris offices. He introduced Arthur Dessalle, who had recently become available following the completion of a similar assignment.

Throughout his career, Arthur has consistently been recognised for his listening skills, his empathy and above all his ability to train teams. He is proficient in driving this type of operation, in particular thanks to his ability to remain close to the field at all times.



During this nine-month mission, Arthur, supported by a WAYDEN associate director, headed up five strategic projects:

  • Adaptation of the logistics Master Plan in line with the company’s general management for all the new activities.
  • Creation and development of efficient logistics and transport processes.
  • Supervision of the teams in all three warehouses.
  • Detailed monitoring of the growth in activity (recruitment and team training).
  • Operational approach and implementation of optimised working procedures based on Lean methodologies.



Within the framework of the assignment, Rémi agreed to a detailed weekly follow-up with Arthur and the client – a way of working that allows for agile and efficient communication between all parties. The mission was a resounding success, as the objectives were met, largely thanks to meeting deadlines.