Christophe DE ROLLAND

Christophe DE ROLLAND

Associé, Manager de Transition


A graduate of ESSCA, I’ve developed my managerial experience in companies of all sizes and in various environments (international development and general management). I’m therefore able to understand and manage complex situations such as LBOs, takeovers, mergers, IPOs, operations related to the commercial courts, etc., during periods of growth, downsizing and restructuring.
Armed with this expertise, it was with the desire to contribute that I turned to interim management in 2008. I position myself as a real manager with a very hands-on approach, which allows me to drive HR management with ease. I work either directly in a company or through an investment fund to manage any restructuring or structuring operation.
I work in a wide variety of professional environments (distribution, services, catering, etc.) and in marketing and sales functions, particularly in the retail sector in France and abroad (Boulanger, Mr Bricolage, Alain Manoukian, Sara Lee, Philip Morris, Smalto, Cauval Industries, Euralis).

My vision of interim management? To achieve tangible results, you first have to understand the problem in order to find appropriate solutions and put in place an organisation that meets expectations. But the key to efficiency lies in the teams themselves. I make sure I never forget the importance of the men and women with whom I work on my projects.

My character

Honest, determined, intuitive.