Elodie LOING

Elodie LOING

Managing director

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A French, American, and Brazilian national by adoption, I have over 25 years’ experience in selective retailing. In particular, I spent nine years in general management in French companies and subsidiaries of international groups. An interim manager since 2010, I work to help French and international companies turn the corner in terms of growth or reorganisation.
I operate in the retail industry, specialised in BtoB, BtoC and BtoBtoC in the fashion and luxury sectors (Couturissimo, Krys), perfumery (Marionnaud), high-end patisserie (Pierre Hermé, Philéane), lifestyle (Le Cèdre Rouge), health (Neuroth) and toys (Disney).

My clients expect quick wins. At the same time, they often ask me to identify and use strategic levers to achieve longer-term objectives. During a project, I take a very hands-on approach – it’s being close to the teams and in contact with customers that I can best identify the weak signals and opportunities to be seized.

As well as my interim management activity, I also work as a company mediator to resolve disputes amicably. I like doing both of these things because I believe that anticipating conflict within organisations is the key to healthy and sustainable performance.
I assist companies with major challenges, with one objective in mind: optimising the performance of the existing business. I know how to pilot business development (a launch, acquisition, international brand roll-out), restructuring (repositioning, digitalisation) and manage effectively during crisis periods (short notice replacement of a manager, urgent resolution of social conflicts).
My difference? I give 110% to my interim management projects. This is key to activating operational and managerial levers for meeting the agreed objectives within a limited timeframe. The secret to successful interim management? Knowing how to listen, whether it’s to the client or to those in the field. Communication is essential if the actions carried out are to be effective. But it’s also essential for building trust and constructively involving teams that can sometimes be disillusioned. For me, the interim manager is also a mediator.

My character

Agile, dynamic, positive.